Dictation in Digiexam

The Digiexam student application supports speech-to-text (dictation) if you are using MacOS. At present Windows and iOS are not supported.

Follow the guide below to configure dictation for your MacBook.


Step 1: Find the dictation settings in your system settings

Click the Apple Icon in the top left corner of your screen and choose “System Settings.”

Figure 1


Step 2: Search for “dictation” from within the system settings.


The dictation settings are a part of the keyboard settings for your device.

Figure 2


Step 3: Configure the dictation settings

Activate dictation so that it becomes accessible when you press the microphone button on your keyboard.

Figure 3


You can also configure what languages you will be able to dictate with by adding languages / allowing languages (Figure 4) from within the dictation settings on your computer.

Figure 4


Step 4: Test this within the Digiexam student application

Open a demo exam and press the dictation button on your keyboard to activate your microphone and begin converting your speech to text in the Digiexam platform.

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