Accessing Digiexam through Blackbaud

From Blackbaud to Digiexam

The instructions below will guide you through how to get to Digiexam from within your Blackbaud environment. Each assignment where your teacher has linked to Digiexam contains a link that will take you to the start process for an exam or assignment using Digiexam.

Step 1: Log in to your Blackbaud learning environment.

First log in to Blackbaud. A to Digiexam is always connected to the assignment your teacher has set up.

Blackbaud - Landing page.png

(figure 1)

Step 2: Navigate to Assignment Center

Click on "Assignment Center" from your navigation menu in Blackbaud. Find the assignment that will use Digiexam. Ask your teacher if you are uncertain.

Blackbaud - Assignment Center.png

(figure 2)

Step 3: Choose the assignment

After choosing the assignment you'll see the assignment details, status and a link to launch Digiexam in the web.

Blackbaud - Assignment Details.png

(figure 3)

Step 4: Launch Digiexam in the web

Click on the launch button in the assignment details. This will open up Digiexam in the web. If this is your first time logging in through Blackbaud - make sure you use your Blackbaud email and password. After that, it will log you in automatically and remember you in the future.

Blackbaud - Digiexam Launcher.png

(figure 4)

Start Your Exam

You're now ready to start an exam. Make sure Digiexam is downloaded to your computer. If you haven't you can click on the download Digiexam link here or in the web. After that, install Digiexam.

Learn how to take an exam with Digiexam

Check out our guide on taking exams with Digiexam. They will walk you through the whole process and make sure you're ready for your first exam or assignment.

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