2. Start an exam with Canvas

1. The exam you scheduled should now be listed under your assignments. Click on the title of your exam. (See figure 1) 


Figure 1


2. To give your students access to the exam, you first need to click the green "Start exam in DigiExam" button that will take you to DigiExam. (See figure 2) 

  • Note: If your web browser is set to block pop-ups, this might stop you from starting the exam. Make sure you allow pop-ups from DigiExam and start the exam again. 


Figure 2 


3. After clicking start exam, you will be taken directly into the DigiExam live view. Any student that registered for your exam will be listed in the live view. You need to click the green "start exam" button in the bottom right. (See figure 3) 


Figure 3 


4. Confirm that you would like to start the exam by clicking the green "Yes, start the exam" button. Once you confirm, students will be able to access and begin taking the assessment at anytime. (See figure 4) 


Figure 4


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