Publish results and feedback

By publishing results and feedbacks, the students will get access to the parts of the exams that the teacher has decided to publish. This feature could be used to notify students about their published results and also to give feedback so that they can improve.





After an exam has been graded you can send the exam results and feedback directly to students Digiexam accounts. You can choose which parts of the exam and feedback should be published. It's also possible to unpublish the exam at anytime.

To publish exam results and feedback, follow the steps below:

1. Find the exam you wish to publish under the Graded tab of your exam page (figure 1).


Figure 1


2. Select the Publish results button, this will take you back to the grading overview (figure 2).


Figure 2


3. Select the Publish button (figure 3).


Figure 3


4. Choose which parts of the exam you would like to send to students (figure 4).

Note! Check the box called Notify students by email that exam results have been published if you would like to notify the students.


Figure 4


5. Select the Publish results button (figure 5).


Figure 5



Your students will now be able to see the parts of the exam you published. They can access their accounts by logging in at our web app. To be remembered, students log into the web application to view their results, and they use the Digiexam client to take their exams.

In the student view, the published exam can be found under the heading Published results. Students can click on an exam title to see their specific results and feedback (figure 6).


Figure 6


Depending on which parts of the exam were published, a published exam could look like the below example (figure 7).


Figure 7


1. Find the exam you wish to unpublish under the Published tab of your exam page (figure 8).

Publish__3_.pngFigure 8


2. Select the View result button. This will take you back to the grading overview (figure 9).

Publish__3_.pngFigure 9


3. Select the Unpublish... button (figure 10).

Publish5__1_.pngFigure 10

Note! Unpublishing the results will remove the exam from the student’s web application. However, they may have taken a screenshot or printed the exam while it was published. Please keep this in mind when choosing which parts of the exam you publish to your students.


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