What are the different roles within DigiExam?


The administrator role is able to:

  • See all exams, classes, and courses that teachers create.
  • See all exams, classes and courses that students have completed or are a member of.
  • Remove the anonymization from exams.
  • Serves as the contact person/liaison between DigiExam and the school.

The extensive access of the administrator role makes it possible for administrators to provide helpful assistance to teachers. For example, they can help teachers with grading, share exams to other teachers, start exams, end exams, unlock student exams, etc.

Account Manager

The account manager role is able to:

  • Administer all accounts in your organization by inviting new teachers, administrators, and account managers.
  • Revoke user access.


The teacher role is able to:

  • Create, start and grade exams.
  • Publish exam results and feedback to student accounts.
  • See which students have started and handed in their exams.
  • Unlock student exams.


The student role is able to:

  • Complete exams that they have been given access to.
  • Review any results and feedback that has been sent to them.



The invigilator is able to:

  • Monitor an exam that they have been given access to
  • Start, end and unlock/ lock an exam that they have been given access to
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