How do I upload an offline answer file?

The offline answer file should not be opened with third party software. Instead, upload the offline answer file in DigiExam to the exam it belongs to. 

To upload the offline answer file, go to the exam page and then find the exam that the offline answer file belongs to. The exam could be under the "ongoing" tab, the "ungraded" tab, or the "graded" tab depending on where you are in the exam process (see figure 1).


Figure 1

Once you have found the correct exam, click on the exam name (see figure 2).


Figure 2

If the exam you have selected is ongoing, you can upload the offline exam file from the live view page (see figure 3).


Figure 3

If the exam you have selected is ungraded or graded, you can upload the offline exam file from the grading overview page (see figure 4).


Figure 4

After you've selected the "upload offline answer file" button, drag and drop the offline answer file in the crosshatched area (see figure 5) in the box that appears, or click inside the crosshatched area to search for the offline answer file on your computer. It's possible batch upload files.

Figure 5

The status of the added offline answer files is shown under the heading "Status" (see figure 6). When all offline answer files have been added, click on the "Upload" button to start the upload. 

Figure 6

The status of the offline answer files will change to "Handed in" when the upload is done (see figure 7). Click on the "Done" button in the bottom-right corner of the offline answer file box to get back to the last page you viewed. If something goes wrong with the upload you will receive an error message under the status heading. At the bottom of the article you can see examples of status error messages and how to solve them.

Figure 7


When an upload fails

Wrong offline answer file

If the upload fails, check if the Exam ID on the offline file matches the Exam ID that the exam has in DigiExam. If it doesn't match you are probably trying to upload an answer to the wrong exam. 

Wrong file extension

Check if the file extension is ".dxr". If it isn't a .dxr file, there is a chance that it's an offline answer file containing an exam and not the answers. If you are unsure, contact the DigiExam support team and they will help you with the offline file.

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