Use a rubric

Prerequisites: A rubric must have already been created and saved in Digiexam in order to use it for an exam. You can find instructions on how to create a rubric here.

Note: It's possible to choose Rubric based assessment as the grading type for the exam and proceed without a rubric connected to the exam.

Create exams with rubrics

1. Select the Exams tab on the left-hand toolbar. Find the exam you want to link a rubric to. Click the Edit button for that exam (figure 2.1).


Figure 2.1

2. Select "formative assessment" as the assessment type. You are only able to use rubrics for formative exams (figure 2.2).             


               Figure 2.2

3. Now select the rubrics tab in the library on the right-hand side (figure 2.3).  


Figure 2.3

4. Choose which rubric you would like to use for the exam you are creating.  Click and hold the mouse on the rubric of your choice and drag the rubric to the box that says "drop a rubric here to use it in the exam" (figure 2.4)


Figure 2.4

5. You will now be able to use the rubric for any question on this exam.  For each question, you can select which particular abilities/skills you would like to grade for.  You can choose to grade for all, some, or none of the abilities for each question (figure 2.5).


Figure 2.5


In the next part, we will show how you can grade using a rubrics and how you can follow up on a student/student's abilities, click here

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