Offline exam files

There are two types of offline files in DigiExam:

  • Offline file containing the exam - Teachers can download an exam as an offline file by clicking the button Download offline file in live view.  This offline file can be saved on a USB-device which can then be used to start exams for students without an internet connection or to unlock started exams.  The file that is downloaded on the USB drive will be encrypted for security purposes.  It can only be opened using the DigiExam client.

  • Offline answer file - After a student has completed an exam, an offline answer file can be saved to a USB-device from the DigiExam client if there is no internet connection. The offline answer file can then be uploaded onto the exam in web application so that the answers that were handed in offline are added to the exam.


Offline file containing the exam

This feature is used to start offline exams or to unlock ongoing exams. 


Download offline file containing the exam

  1. Go to the tab Ongoing.
  2. Click on the options button and choose Download offline file (figure 1) or by going to the Monitor view of an exam and click Download offline file (figure 2).

Figure 1


Figure 2

The offline file is always named after the title of the exam with the file extension .dxe. For example, the offline exam in figure 2 would be named test.dxe when downloaded.



Start an exam with an offline file

To start an exam with an offline file, you need to add the downloaded file to a USB-device, which can then be used to start an exam offline. Start the exam offline by opening the DigiExam client on a computer with no internet connection, then insert the USB-device with the offline file into that computer.

The DigiExam client will automatically download the exam from the USB-device and show the title of the exam clearly with green text. When the title of the exam appears in the DigiExam client, the USB-device can be removed and the exam can be started. You can also use an offline file to unlock an exam. For example, if a student's computer freezes, and their exam is handed in early, you will need to unlock their exam in order for them to continue.  Insert your USB-drive with the offline exam file in their computer, and it will pull up the exam on the client, allowing them to continue working on their exam.

Offline answer file

When an exam is handed in without internet connection, the DigiExam client will ask for a USB-device. When a USB-device is inserted into the computer an offline answer file that contains the student's answers will automatically be downloaded to the USB-device. 

The offline answer file will be named with the Exam ID and student code with a hyphen between them and with the file extension .dxr (for example, 123456789-test.dxr).


Upload offline answer file

The offline answer file should not be opened with a program. Instead, upload the offline answer file in DigiExam to the exam it belongs to. 

To upload the offline answer file, go to the live view of the exam and choose Upload offline answer file" (figure 3).

Figure 3


Drag and drop the offline answer file in the crosshatched area (figure 4), or click inside the crosshatched area to search for the offline answer file on your computer's file system. It's possible to batch import answer files.

Figure 4


The status of the added offline answer files is shown under the heading Status (figure 5). When all offline answer files have been added, click the Upload button to start the upload. 

Figure 5


The status of the offline answer files will change to Handed in when the upload is done (figure 6). Click on the Done to get back to live view. If something goes wrong with the upload you will receive an error message under the status heading. At the bottom of this article there is a list of all status error messages and how to solve them.

Figure 6


USB devices

A USB device is required when starting/handing in an exam offline, whether it is an external hard drive or a memory stick. Keep in mind that there are different types of USB devices that fit different USB ports, and that not all USB devices will fit/work on all computers. For example, the most common USB connection at the time of writing is type A standard, which fits most computers. However, many new computers and electronic devices use the USB connection type C, which will not fit in type A USB ports and vice versa (figure 7).

Figure 7


When an upload fails - error messages

  • Wrong offline answer file
    If the upload fails, check if the Exam ID on the offline file matches the Exam ID that the exam has in DigiExam. If it doesn't match you are probably trying to upload answers to the wrong exam. 
  • Wrong file extension
    Check if the file extension is ".dxr". If the file is not labelled with this extension, then there is a chance that it's an offline answer file containing an exam but no answers.  If you are unsure, contact the DigiExam support team and they will help you with the offline file.



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