External Tools for Account Administrators - Canvas Assignment Submissions in Digiexam

The Digiexam student application supports the access to submissions made via a Canvas Assignment in MacOS, Windows and Chromebook environments.


Account Administrators

Configuration of an external tool is required so as to allow instructors the ability to activate access to submissions in a Canvas assignment for their students. This is done at the account manager level in Digiexam.

Step 1: Create an External Tool (Canvas Resources)

Click on “External Tools” while logged in to Digiexam on the web and choose the “create external tool” button from the menu.


Figure 1


Step 2: Configure the External Tool

Set the URL that will be allowed for students to an example submission within a course in your Canvas environment. Allow the teacher or instructor to edit this link. By setting the URL to a particular submission it will restrict students to this submission and the notes they have added or uploaded, and only this submission, when they enter into their exam environment.


An example link is as follows:


If you wish to open up more elements of the course you can remove the extensions of the URL that are furthest to the right. For example, removing “submissions” will allow students to access the assignment hand-in page as well as the submission itself. By removing “assignments/42330072/” you allow students access to the entire course. Finally, removing the courses portion of the URL will open up the entire Canvas domain.


Be sure to inform your instructor about how changing the URL affects what parts of the course are open and accessible for students from within a locked exam or test.


Figure 2

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