External Tools for Teachers - Canvas Assignment Submissions in Digiexam

The Digiexam student application supports the access to submissions made via a Canvas Assignment in MacOS, Windows and Chromebook environments.


Teachers and Instructors

Step 1: Create an Assignment in Canvas

In your course, create an assignment that allows students to either write notes directly into the assignment or that allows for the upload of files (or both). Save and publish this assignment so that it becomes available for students.


Figure 1

You may wish to set a final submission date so that students do not have the ability to change or upload new information after a specified deadline before their exam.


Step 2: Design Your Exam and Add an the External Tool


When designing an exam you can add an external tool. The tool will be in your list of external tools. To add the Canvas Resources tool you simply click “on” to activate it for this exam.


Ask your Digiexam system administrator to help you configure this tool if it does not exist yet.


Figure 2

Configure the URL (web address) to point to the submission in your Canvas environment


Figure 3


Step 3: Setting the URL for a Submission

In order to find the URL for a specific submission that will be available for students, you will need to navigate to the “Grades” section of your course. Select a student and then choose “Grades” to see their submission history for all their assignments.

Figure 4

Find the assignment that the students will have access to in their exam and copy the web address.


Figure 5

Return to Digiexam and paste this in the external tool URL field and remove the submission ID (the number after the word “submission” in the URL).


Figure 6

Press save to update the external tool’s configuration.


Starting an exam will now display a clickable icon for students that will require them to log in to their Canvas environment, but only allow them access to the submission that you have opened up for them.


Figure 7

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