External Tools for Students - Canvas Assignment Submissions in Digiexam

The Digiexam student application supports the access to submissions made via a Canvas Assignment in MacOS, Windows and Chromebook environments.



Step 1: Write or Upload Your Notes in Canvas

Write in or upload resources to the assignment that your instructor has opened for you. These will be open and available to you during your exam in Digiexam.


Figure 1


Step 2: Find Your Exam and Click the Canvas Resource Tool

Log in to the Digiexam app on your computer and find your exam. Click the Canvas Resource tool that is connected to this exam.


Figure 2


Log in to Canvas using your Canvas credentials prior to starting your exam and locking down your computer. Ensure that you see your notes that you have uploaded before starting the exam.


Figure 3

Start your exam. This Canvas Resource button will be available in the locked exam environment.


Figure 4


Figure 5

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