Chromebook - Closing the lid does not lock the exam

If the screen is folded down during an ongoing exam, the app does not lock students from the exam but keeps them logged in and active in the exam.

The current configuration in ChromeOS exceeds the Digiexam app’s ability to lock the student from the exam if the screen is closed and students must submit the exam correctly in connection with the exam/class end.

- Teachers should be aware that all students submit the exam at the end of the exam by ensuring that all exams have the status Submitted in the monitoring view.
- If a student has not submitted the exam correctly and remains as Not submitted for an exam completed by the teacher, Digiexam Support can be contacted to change the status.

With the launch of the new Digiexam app for Chromebooks during Spring 2024, this will be addressed as the kiosk mode on the device will no longer be used.

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