Temporary issues with the spellchecker

The built-in spell checker in the Digiexam app was updated in September 2023 (version 15.0.0) with a new service to support additional languages and an updated dictionary (Using spell check in Digiexam).

During times of very high usage, a queue has been created in the service we use, resulting in the spell checker being temporarily disabled and therefore not functioning correctly during exams.

We are working directly with the service to increase capacity on their side and to try to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

The reason for the queueing issue is that not only the misspelled word is sent to the service, but the entire text, and during exam days when a lot of text is generated, it has been found that the queue causes the spell checker to stop working temporarily.

We are working intensively to ensure capacity on both our and the service's side and need error reports via the in-app chat or as soon as you discover the problem.

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