Open Book Assignments on Chromebooks

In the event that you wish to use Digiexam as a platform for assignments in the classroom (e.g. exit tickets or quizzes) where students should have access to all materials on their device, you will want to make sure that your exam is set to open-book mode. This guide details how to create this scenario and instructions about what students need to do in order to access these types of assignments in their Chromebook environment.

Creating Open Book Assignments

To create an open book assignment for your students simply navigate to your assignment settings after having created an exam (figure 1) and ensure that the lockdown is switched to "Off."


exam settings lockdown 1.png

figure 1

After having configured this setting you can now start the assignment normally. Students will need to log into their Chromebooks at this point to be able to access this type of assignment as it does not require kiosk-mode to lock their computer environment.


Opening an Open Book Assignment as a Student

Students will need to log into their Chromebook using their login credentials for their device. Unlike kiosk mode, students will be logged in to their normal Chromebook environment, and since this is an open book assignment they will also have access to web resources as well as any resources located on their local device.

After logging in to the device, students should start Digiexam normally and log in with their Digiexam credentials (email, first name and last name) by inputting these credentials manually. At this point students will be able to start the assignment just like they normally do in lockdown mode.


Chromebook login page.png

figure 2


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