Canvas Quizzes using Digiexam’s Lockdown App

This guide demonstrates how to configure the Digiexam environment in the web application so as to provide teachers and administrators with a configurable external tool that locks down the Canvas quiz environment in low stakes situations where students should use Canvas quizzes to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.


Create a “Canvas Quiz” External Tool as Account Manager in Digiexam

Login to the Digiexam web application as an account manager and select “Organization” from the left hand navigation menu (figure 1).

Canvas Quiz in DX 1.png

figure 1

Navigate to the “External Tools” tab at the top of the Digiexam web interface and select “Create External Tool” to get started in creating your Canvas Quiz External Tool (figure 2).

Canvas Quiz in DX 2.png

figure 2

Edit the “Name” and “Description” fields to match what you would like students and staff to see when working with this external tool. You can also configure the icon displayed to staff and students if you wish.

Select a landing page URL placeholder. This example uses a generic URL to an existing Canvas Quiz in a teacher’s course ( Ensure that the setting for allowing teachers to modify the landing page is switched to “On” (figure 3) to allow individual teachers to link to specific Canvas quizzes that students will work on from within Digiexam.

Canvas Quiz in DX 3.png

figure 3

Lastly, configure access to your Canvas domain. It is important to allow access to the login page for Canvas where students can input their login credentials for the Canvas platform as well as any other login pages that might be required when logging in normally to your Canvas instance (Microsoft or Google login challenges).

Be sure to also include partial access to courses that are included in your Canvas environment. You may wish to limit access based upon your Canvas configuration to specific courses or sub accounts, but in this example root level access is allowed to simplify the external tool configuration process (figure 4).

Canvas Quiz in DX 4.png

figure 4


Create a Digiexam Assessment with an Active Canvas Quiz External Tool

As a teacher, exam designer or exam administrator you can now create assessments in Digiexam where the Canvas Quiz External Tool can be applied. First be sure that you are in your teacher or exam administrator role.

Create your assessment in the normal way where your Digiexam assignment includes a single question with zero points applied to it.

In the “External Tools” tab under your Exam Settings you can now select the “Canvas Quiz” external tool set up for your organization. Be sure to edit the landing page that students will arrive at when working with the Canvas quiz in a locked Digiexam environment (figure 5).

Canvas Quiz in DX 5.png

figure 5

Switch this external tool to “On” and choose “Edit” in order to change the landing page that students will arrive at in their Digiexam student application.

You will be able to edit the name displayed for students when they work with this Canvas Quiz from the Digiexam app as well as the landing page URL. The landing page URL should be configured to the Canvas quiz you wish students to take. Copy this URL from your Canvas environment and paste it into the Digiexam landing page URL field. Add “/take” to the end of the URL to point your students to the start page of the quiz (figure 6).

Canvas Quiz in DX 6.png

figure 6

Save your changes to the external tool. Save your changes to the Digiexam assignment and start it normally for your students.

When students log in to their Digiexam application, start the assignment, and have their computers locked down they will now be able to work with the Canvas Quiz that you have included in the Digiexam assignment (figure 7).

Canvas Quiz in DX 7.png

figure 7

Upon completion of the quiz, students should submit their answers in Canvas, but also press “hand-in” on their Digiexam student application to return their computer to an unlocked state.

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