Installation guide - Chromebook (not managed)

NOTE! If your Chromebook is from 2017 or later, it won't work in kiosk mode unless the Chromebook centrally managed by an administrator. To use your device in kiosk mode, ask your administrator for help (link to the information provided by Google).

If your Chromebook is centrally managed by an administrator at your school, the DigiExam-klient is either pre-installed or needs to be installed by the administrator at your school. When the DigiExam client is installed on your Chromebook you can find it in the bottom left corner of your login screen by clicking on "Apps".

If your Chromebook is not managed by your school, follow the instructions below to install the DigiExam client.

  • Make sure you are logged in with the Owner account. It's the first account that logged in to the Chromebook.

  • Copy this code (it's needed to find the DigiExam client):

  • Open Google Chrome, type "chrome://extensions" in the adress field and press enter (see figure 1)
Figure 1
  • Tick the "Developer mode" checkbox (see figure 2)
Figure 2
  • Now your should be able to see some buttons. Click on "Manage kiosk applications ..." (see Figure 3)
Figure 3
  • Paste in the code you copied before (akicabagjochpeajjndcdapbfbbhconp) and press "Add" (see figure 4)
Figure 4
  • Verify that the DigiExam client appears in the list and click "Done" in the bottom right corner (see figure 5)
Figure 5

The DigiExam client is now installed as a kiosk application on your Chromebook. You can use it by logging out, then press "Apps" in the bottom left corner of the login screen.


Error messages

Invalid application

If you receive the error message "Invalid application" (see figure 6) it most often means that you have a space character before or after the app id. Try removing the space character, double check that the app id is correct and try to add the app again.

Figure 6




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    Eden Chairis Bishop

    This is new to me so can you help me understand it? I dont right now I relly want to do this thank you.And sorry about my spelling because I I I am only a second grader thank you so so so much. Love alway Eden chairis bishop.

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    Kenan Tulic

    Hi Eden, this is the installation guide for Chromebooks, please see the following guide for instuctions on how to find and start an exam if that is what you are trying to do: