Installation guide - Managed Chromebooks

NOTE! If your Chromebook is from 2017 or later, it won't work in kiosk mode unless the Chromebook centrally managed by an administrator. To use your device in kiosk mode, ask your administrator for help. To run your Chromebook in kiosk mode, you need a licence for kiosk mode (Google's support page).


The DigiExam client needs to be installed as a Public Kiosk App for the students to be able to use the DigiExam client on a managed Chromebook. Follow the guide below to install the DigiExam client on managed Chromebooks.

1. Login to the Google admin console ( as an administrator for your organization.

2. Go to "Devices " (see figure 1)


Figure 1


3. In the Device management view, go to "Chrome management" (see figure 2)



Figure 2

4. Go to "Apps & extensions" (see figure 3)


Figure 3

5. Go to the yellow icon in the bottom right corner and click "Add the Chrome app or extension by ID"4.png

Figure 4

6. Fill in the following code "akicabagjochpeajjndcdapbfbbhconp" in the text box and click Save


Figure 5

7. DigiExam will appear in the list, set "Force install + pin "(see figure 6)


Figure 6

8. Set Permissions and URL access to "Use default permissions for this organisation


Figure 7
It can take up to 24 hours before the app is visible on all managed Chromebooks, but for most Chromebooks it is visible in a few minutes.

To check if the DigiExam app is installed on a managed Chromebook, log out and look in the bottom left corner where it should say "Apps". Click on apps and the DigiExam app should be there as an choice. Click on the app to start it.


Use DigiExam with Student computer lockdown - Off

To use DigiExam where the student computer lockdown feature is off, the DigiExam app needs to be added as a normally installed app. Students will use this app when logged in to the Chromebook without being in kiosk mode.

1. Follow steps 1-3 in the guide to install the DigiExam app as a kiosk app above.

2. Go to "User settings" (see figure 11)

Figure 11

3. Select either the main organization unit or a sub organization unit for devices (see the left-hand side on figure 4 in step 5 above above for example). If the DigiExam app is added to an organization unit for users the users won't see the app in kiosk mode, so make sure that the correct organization unit is selected before adding the DigiExam app.

4. Find the heading "Apps and Extensions" and click on "Manage force-installed apps" (see figure 12). 

Figure 12

5. Follow steps 7-11 in the guide to install the DigiExam app as a kiosk app above.

Great! You are now ready to use DigiExam!

Click here to see the guide for writing an exam with DigiExam

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