1. Student Code

  2. Clients

  3. Web applications

  4. Exam ID

  5. Scheduled Exam

  6. Offline file and offline response file

    1. Exam offline file

    2. Student's offline response file


Student Code:

The student code is used to identify the students. Therefore, it is important that the student code is unique per student. It is your school/university that decides what student code you should use. Kindly ask your teacher/exam supervisor which student code you should use if you are unsure.


Digiexam's application where students write exams are available for Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iPad. The client (app) should be installed by students on their respective devices. If students have devices that are centrally managed, the client should be pre-installed.


Web applications:

The web application is used by the teacher to create, start, monitor, correct and feedback tests in Digiexam. Also, by other school/university staff, such as admins, account managers and invigilators.

It's also used by students to see results and feedback on the exams written in Digiexam.


Exam ID:

A unique code generated by Digiexam in connection with the teacher starting an exam. All students who receive the Exam ID from the teacher can access and write this exam through the Digiexam client.

Scheduled exam:

A scheduled exam can be set for automatic start at a given time. Students can only open the exam at the specified date and time.


Offline file and offline response file:

Offline files make it possible to start and hand in exams completely without an internet connection. Offline files are used as backup and in cases where the student can not connect to a network. The two ways in which the offline file is used are described below.


Exam offline file:

It is an exact copy of the test with questions and any attachments. The exam's offline file is saved on a USB memory and enables an offline start of the exam by using it on a device when the Digiexam client is open.


Student's offline response file:

Student's offline response file contains the student's test response. If there is no internet connection when submitting, the Digiexam client will ask for a USB-stick where the answers can be saved. The answers can then be uploaded to Digiexam's web application.



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