Create Groups

By creating courses and classes, you can have an overview of your pupils / students who go to the same class / course and can thus start tests against that particular group (an alternative to test ID).




Create a group


If you want to start an exam via Group Id you first go to Groups at the left menu.


Figure 1


Click on Create class in the top right corner and add the name of the class and press Create.


Figure 2



Figure 3


You can choose to Edit class name, Archive class or Add multiple students.


Figure 4


Students need an active account on the organization to be added to a class/group. Student accounts are imported by an Account Manager.

Enter the name, student code or email address and press Add student, if you wish to add several students at once, choose the guide below regarding Copy from excel. When the student or students have been added, you will need to create a course as well that are described below in this article.


Figure 5


In this guide, we use the term Excel, but other spreadsheet applications such as Google Sheets works as well.



Paste from spreadsheets

1. Copy from spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet must be formatted with the students' e-mail addresses in a single column.


To copy the data, just select the email addresses, right click and press copy.

Figure 6


2. Paste the students into DigiExam

To paste the students in DigiExam, just right click in the Paste from Excel box and press paste (figure 7).

Figure 7

3. Review and add the students

Press Add multiple students to add them to the class (figure 8).


Figure 8


Creating a course

Now that you've created a class, you'll need to create a course to link the class to. To create a course, click Create course in the Groups tab that you can find in the menu to the left.

Figure 9

When the course is created you can add one or more of your classes to the course by dragging and dropping the classes into the course. The class will now appear in the list when you start an exam with a group. Keep in mind that if the students use the wrong credentials they may not be connected to the group and may not be able to access the exam. 

Figure 10



Error messages

Sometimes error messages can occur when trying to add students to a course and a group.

Examples of error messages and their solutions can be seen below:

  1. The student does not exist in the organization
  2. Student not added

These error messages occur when a student is not in your organization, that is, the student's account has not yet been created. When this happens, an Account Manager needs to create the account for the student either directly through DigiExam manually or through your integration.

If there are students who are already in DigiExam in the same list as the students who are not, you can add them manually until the accounts that are missing are created.



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