How anonymous exams work

The anonymous exam feature enables teachers to grade exams without bias and allows students to feel they are being graded fairly. After an exam has been ended, the students' names will be hidden in the grading view. When a teacher grades the exam, they will see anonymous names (such as "Student 1" and "Student 2") rather than seeing the names of their students.

In Digiexam the user that started the exam can remove the anonymization. When a user with the role of Exam administrator starts an exam, only users with the role of Exam administrator at the school or organization can unlock the anonymous grading. This is to support exams where anonymous grading is a requirement.

When teachers start an exam, it allows them to grade their own exam anonymously and then be able to unlock the exam after the grading is completed, i.e. when all students have received a Final result and the exam's in the Graded tab. Only the teacher that started the exam can remove the anonymization, if the grading of the exam has been shared with a co-grader/additional marker, they don't have the right to unlock the anonymization.

This is to support an anonymous grading of an exam or assignment for teachers. 

Although the connection between the performed exam and the student's credentials is still available on Digiexam's database, it is not available to the teacher during grading.



How to enable anonymous exams

When you create an exam, there is a setting that enables anonymous exams.  If you have a past exam that you would now like to make anonymous, simply locate the exam in your library and choose edit exam. Set the "Anonymous Exam" to On and save it.



How does this affect executing the exam?

When students take the exam, their names will not be anonymized in the live view, and the exam will be performed as usual.  This allows the teacher to properly monitor and unlock the exam if a student needs to restart the exam.


During grading

During grading, the student name and code is not available to the teacher. Instead, student names are replaced with "Student 1", "Student 2", etc.




Publishing exams

Publishing exams are performed the same way as a normal exam. The exam results will become available to the student when the student logs into their Digiexam account.  


Downloading results with Excel

If you download an Excel spreadsheet with the exam results while an exam is anonymous, the students' names and other information will remain hidden. However, if an administrator downloads the Excel spreadsheet for an anonymous exam, it will contain the students' names, results and anonymous numbers in the grading view.



Removing anonymization of an exam

  • Teachers can remove anonymization on their own exams, only when it has been graded (found under the "Graded" tab)

  • Administrators can remove anonymization's on all exams, regardless of who started the exam

  • For exams that are graded on paper, only administrators can download the spreadsheet with the mapping that shows the connection between the anonymous codes and the students' real names.

Exam administrators have the ability to turn off the anonymization by toggling between on or off in the grading view. This feature is available for exam administrators in the school or organization to support a "hard anonymization" in exams started by them.

A teacher can remove the anonymization in an exam they've started when the exam is in the Graded tab.





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