Student code conflict

When an exam is started, the DigiExam client will check if the student code matches the e-mail address on your DigiExam account. If an account hasn't been created in advance, DigiExam will check that the e-mail address and student code is available and not already in use.

If the check fails, it means that the student code belongs to another e-mail address in the DigiExam client or that the student code/e-mail address is already in use. The following message will be shown (see figure 1): 

Figure 1


To solve a student code conflict, the correct user details (student code and e-mail address) must be entered in the DigiExam client.

Here are some examples on where you can find your user details:

  • Ask your exam supervisor or teacher
  • If an account has been created for you, an e-mail will have been sent to you with your user details


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