Text editor 2.0


The new text editor

Digiexams new text editor is similar to the more traditional text programs and makes it easy to learn. The new editor gives more freedom in how you format your exams and tools to edit text, insert images and make tables. You can now copy in text from outside sources into the new editor. 



Possibility to write and edit text in fullscreen:

In the new text editor, we have a new function that allows for a fullscreen mode and an easier overview of the exam.



Insert Tabel:



Edit Tabel:

By clicking on the newly created table, you will get a menu with multiple options such as:

  • Add and remove rows and cells
  • Edit the text and background colour of each table and cell
  • Choose how the text should look within each cell
  • Insert an image into a cell



Insert Image:

It is possible to add an image to the exam by uploading it from the computer or by using a URL



Edit Image:

By clicking on the inserted image, you have the option to:

  • Change size
  • Align the image Left, Center, Right.
  • Add Image caption


Quick insert:

Both in the regular textbox and fullscreen mode you can use the Quick insert function by double-clicking the text box and a plus icon will appear on the left side.

  • Insert image
  • Insert tabel
  • Unordered list
  • Ordered list
  • Insert horizontal line


Choose the question type Word gap question if you would like to add word gaps to your questions.



Here you can read more about the question type Word gap question.




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