Installation guide - Moodle LMS


1. Log into your administrator account for Moodle. Select the “Site administration” button in the left-hand toolbar. (see figure 1.1)Ska_rmavbild_2018-06-25_kl._13.29.14.png

Figure 1.1

2. Select the “Plugins” tab. (see figure 1.2)


Figure 1.2


3.Under the “Activity modules” heading, select the “Manage tools” link. (see figure 1.3)


Figure 1.3

4. You should see a box labeled “Add tool.” At this point, you need to go to the DigiExam web application and log into your Account manager role. (see figure 1.4)



Figure 1.4

5. Once you’ve logged into your account manager role, select the “Integrations” tab. Find the XML URL.  Highlight and copy this URL. (see figure 1.5)



Figure 1.5

6.Return to your Moodle account. Paste the Tool URL into the “Add tool” box. Select the green “Add” button. (see figure 1.6)


Figure 1.6

7. You will be prompted to enter in a consumer key and a shared secret key. Return to your Account Manager role in the DigiExam web application to find these values. (see figure 1.7)

Find the OAuth Consumer Key and the OAuth Secret Key on the "Integrations" tab. Highlight and copy these keys one at a time. (see figure 1.7)


Figure 1.7

8. Return to your Moodle account. Paste the consumer key and shared secret code into their designated boxes, then click on the green “Save changes” button. (see figure 1.8 & 1.9) 


Figure 1.8


Figure 1.9

9. DigiExam will now be listed under tools. There are some settings you need to change in order for DigiExam to run properly. Select the cogwheel to edit the settings. (see figure 1.10)


Figure 1.10

10. Select the “Show more…” link. (see figure 1.11)


Figure 1.11

11. Check the box labeled “Content-Item Message.” (see figure 1.12)


Figure 1.12

12. Select the “Privacy” drop down. (see figure 1.13)


Figure 1.13

13. Choose “Always” for all three options. DigiExam needs full access in order to run Moodle properly. (see figure 1.14)


Figure 1.14

14. Select the blue “Save changes” button. (see figure 1.15)



Figure 1.15


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