Immersive reader in Digiexam

Immersive reader is a learning tool from Microsoft integrated into Digiexam that offers visual, grammatical and verbal reading support of instructions and questions in an exam.


Note! Immersive Reader needs an active internet connection to work!





Immersive Reader has several options to increase readability of content:


Text preferences              Grammar options        Reading preferences                                      



Text preferences

The text options menu allows the student to:

  • Change text size
  • Reduce crowding between letters
  • Change the font
  • Change background color




Grammar options

Parts of Speech controls grammar highlighting and help students understand complex sentences.



Reading preferences

Line Focus enables readers to narrow the focus of their reading experience by highlighting sets of one, three, or five lines within their chosen material in Immersive Reader

Picture Dictionary gives you the ability to click on any single word and have it read aloud.

Translate lets you change the language of the text you're reading.




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