Storage error - Insufficient storage (Windows)

If the error message "Insufficient storage" has appeared, please follow the steps below.

NOTE! If you can't find the folder "DigiExam" or any other folders, make sure that hidden folders are visible when searching within the folders/files.

  1. Quit DigiExam, if that's already not done.
  2. On the computer, open Run (Windows key + R).
  3. Type "%AppData%" and click "OK".
  4. Go to the folder "Roaming", if you're not already there.
  5. Find the folder "DigiExam" and open it.
  6. Find the folder “Storage".
  7. Copy of the folder "Storage" and paste it to the desktop. Then, delete the original folder.
  8. Start the DigiExam-client again. The student must use the same student details as when the exam was opened previously in order to get back into the exam with the answers remaining.


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