Tips for grading and assessment

Use the arrow keys to switch between students in the correction view, you can use the arrow keys to switch between students and questions.


For example, you can clear one question for all students before moving on to the next one.



Use a keyboard shortcut to go from a comment field for one student to the same comment field for the next student in the grading view by using ctrl + arrow key (PC) or alt + arrow key (Mac).

For example, for the comment field, Exam result in the grading view.




Use the browser's search function to search for keywords in a student text.

Use the shortcut ctrl + F (PC) or cmd + F (Mac) in your browser to search for a word or phrase in the text.



Use standard comments via teacher's feedback, for example for a correct / incorrect answer or connection to assessment support / knowledge requirements.

Copy a standard comment from your own note and paste it in the comment field "Teacher's feedback to the student".




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