Digiexam as a platform for diagnoses and knowledge tests

Use self-correcting functionality for diagnoses and knowledge exams

Use Digiexam as a diagnostic tool with automatic correction for an entire class or grade at school. Alternatively, as a knowledge check before a new work area to be able to adapt the teaching level, or after a review to ensure that all students have followed and gained basic knowledge in the subject.

The self-correcting functionality means that all questions (Word gaps, Several choices and Several correct answers) are corrected automatically in the correction view and the teacher can subsequently get an overview of everyone who has completed the task.

Although the form of the correction is called Points-based correction, formative feedback and feedback can be given to the students when needed.

Examples of a mathematical diagnosis that is performed digitally:



Where ex. questions and tasks created from published material for an exam in Digiexam or created on your own:



After the diagnosis has been made, the result is automatically compiled in the grading view and the teacher can also download a spreadsheet for further analysis or reporting.




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