Print student answer

This is a guide that step by step shows how the student answers could be printed for an ended exam.

  1. Find the exam that you want to print under one of the tabs Ungraded, Graded or Published. Then click on the exam name (figure 1).

  2. Click on the button Print... (figure 2).

  3. Choose the settings as required (details, students and questions) and then click on the green button Preview Print (figure 3).

  4. If the preview does is not as wished, click on the button Back and change the settings. If the preview is correct, click on the green button Print (figure 4).

  5. Thereafter, you will be sent to the local printer settings, which could look slightly different depending on the computer, operative system, printer and browser. Choose settings as required and then click on Print (figure 4).



Figure 1




Figure 2




Figure 3




Figure 4


If a student has written using a small font size, you can make the text more readable by increasing the scale values.

                 Figure 5                    




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