Digiexam and Remote learning

Digiexam can be used for tests and examinations in a remote learning environment in a device lockdown mode. With a couple of adjustments to an existing exam, a meeting link can be added for student monitoring during the exam.


The feature External tools in Digiexam opens up the possibility to use meting links in an exam. More information and guides can be found here:


External Tools

Remote Proctoring


1. Digiexam used in a device lockdown mode


2. Digiexam used in an Open book mode



The exam or assignment should obviously be designed for a remote learning environment where students could access a textbook or a mobile device next to their computer. An exam could be created in an order where there's little or no time to search for answers, and no gain in just copying a text from another source.

No additional settings or administration are required and teachers' can monitor the students in the exam overview.



1. Digiexam used in a device lockdown mode

In exams and assignments in a device lockdown mode, the Digiexam application takes full control of the students' devices and force-quit other applications during the exam. The exam overview provides information regarding the exam progress and an external tool can provide monitoring of the students.

Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom can be allowed to be used in the exam during device lockdown.


Exam settings

In a remote learning environment, these additional exam settings could help provide a higher level of exam integrity. 

Time limit with automatic hand-in - The timer starts individually for each student when they start the exam. When the timer runs out, the exam is automatically handed in.

Randomized order of questions -The order of the questions displayed to students during the exam is randomized. 

Randomized order of alternatives - The order of the alternatives for each question displayed to students during the exam is randomized. 

Locked question sequence (MEQ) -the sequence of the questions is locked in the exam. A student cannot go back to an answered question to edit their answer.

(Note! The question titles will still be visible.)


The exam settings can be combined in all possible ways. For example, an exam with a randomized question order and a locked question sequence will provide a unique exam for all students in the Digiexam application.



2. Digiexam used in an Open book mode

In exams and assignments started in an Open book mode, the Digiexam application starts in a window instead of taking full control of the students' devices. All other applications like Web browsers, Zoom, Teams or Hangout/Meet can be used by the students during the exam and a teacher could monitor them through the video link and the exam monitoring view.

All settings like time limit, randomization of questions and alternatives can be set, and in Open book mode, there's an additional option to allow students to copy from an external source.

Allow students to copy and paste from other applications
Turn on to allow students to copy and paste text from other documents, websites and applications.





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