Perform exams in a unlocked enviorment

An exam session can be started in a mode where the computer lockdown is disabled.

All functionality in the Digiexam client / app works as usual, but when the lockdown is disabled, the Digiexam client / app starts in a window instead of the locked / secure mode. This means that students have the opportunity to use other programs at the same time, such as: emails and apps, they can use the internet for information retrieval or use information from a shared document.



Activate a none-lockdown exam

Follow the steps below to turn off locked mode when creating or editing a sample:

  1. Click + Create New Exam or edit an existing sample
  2. Switch off the locked mode by clicking the Off button under the heading "Locking the student's computer" (figure 1)
  3. Save the template, locking the exam will now be rejected and the Digiexam client / app will launch in a window instead of taking over the device completely.


Allow students to copy and paste from other programs

The Digiexam client / app usually does not allow data to be copied from an external source, e.g. a web page or a shared document. In a test in an unlocked mode, however, the teacher can allow students to copy and paste from other programs.

  1. Turn off lock in the exam (see previous step "Activate a none-lockdown exam"), the function "Allow students to copy and paste from other programs" will now appear directly under the function "Lock the student's computer"
  2. Set the "Allow students to copy and paste from other programs" setting to On
  3. Save the exam and "Allow students to copy and paste from other programs" will now be active



The student's perspective

The exam is started just as usual by the student. When completing the exam, students will have access to their computer as usual, so they can access, for example, browsers and other programs, so the computer will not be locked.

To submit, the student clicks on the "Hand in" button in the upper right corner, just as when submitting a sample in locked position.
The example below shows a student reading a debate article in one browser while having the definition of source criticism in another.




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