Remote Proctoring tool

DigiExam offers a solution for both on-campus and remote exams. The Remote Proctoring add-on is an integrated tool in the DigiExam client and allows an additional layer of reliability for remote exams. You can use an existing exam and add the Remote Proctoring with just one click.

The school or organization decides how the Remote Proctoring features will be configured and used during exams. Depending on which settings are enabled, different data will be processed by DigiExam. The ability to choose how to configure the Remote Proctoring tool is there to meet the variety of data protection requirements that a school or organization might have.

1. What does the Remote Proctoring tool do?

2. How does the Remote Proctoring tool work?

3. Who can use the Remote Proctoring tool?

1. What does the Remote Proctoring tool do?

It offers an automated proctoring tool integrated into the DigiExam platform with behavioural trackers such as monitoring the webcam, audio and exam feed to ensure exam integrity.

Remote Proctoring offers:

  • DigiExam Client Lockdown
  • Identity Verification
  • Live Monitoring
  • Exam Session Recording
  • Credibility Report
  • Offline Support

All Teachers, Invigilators and Exam administrators connected to the exam have automatic access to the Remote Proctoring service live during the exam. 


The Remote Proctoring tool opens in a new browser where you can access all students in the exam.



2. How does the Remote Proctoring tool work?

In the ongoing exam, each students activity is recorded in a Session with automatic notifications from behavioural trackers. Their screen and web camera is recorded and presented in the Proctor view and the Chat can be used for identity verification and comments/notifications to students
Sessions - general automated rating and student information 
Proctor view - presents and records the students' screen and activity, toggle between camera and exam feed, add comments and rating.
Chat - used to notify or inform students during the exam. Students can also initiate a chat to request a toilet break or similar.

3. Who can use the Remote Proctoring tool?

The Remote Proctoring service is an add-on to DigiExam. A school or organisation using Remote Proctoring for an exam, can share the proctoring view to all users (Teachers, Invigilators, Exam Administrators) connected to the exam with the right to monitor the students in the exam overview.

When the exam has ended, only users with the rights to grade the exam (Teachers and Exam Administrators) has access to the Remote Proctoring view.


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