Remote Proctoring tool

The Proctoring tool is integrated into the DigiExam client and allows an additional layer of reliability for remote examinations. Your screen, camera and microphone are shared and recorded during the exam.

What does the DigiExam Remote Proctoring service do?

It offers an automated proctoring tool integrated into the DigiExam client with behavioural trackers such as monitoring the webcam, audio and exam feed to ensure the exam integrity.

The exams can be proctored live and are also recorded with automated flags for certain behaviours. Together with additional tools for analysis, a detailed report is generated from the proctored exam session.

Before you begin your exam, DigiExam conducts a system check which tests your web camera, microphone and screen recording. Click on "Check System" in the Exam interface.



What do I do if I fail the Equipment check?

You need to allow DigiExam to access Webcam, Microphone and Screen recording on your device. If the Equipment check fails you need to grant access on your device.
Permissions are usually allowed in your Settings or System preferences under Security & Privacy


macOS - System preferences -> Security & Privacy
6.png      7.png 

macOS -> Security & Privacy -> Allow DigiExam to use Camera, Microphone and Screen recording



Windows -> System settings -> Privacy settings -> 

Windows_Start.png     Screenshot_2020-05-07_at_14.23.44.png

Windows -> Privacy settings -> Allow desktop apps to use Camera, Microphone and Screen recording


How do I know if my computer meets your technical requirements?

No additional system requirements in the DigiExam client besides the equipment check are needed. If you have the DigiExam client installed on your device and can take the Demo exam, you can take an exam with Remote Proctoring. 

Remote proctoring is supported on Windows, Mac and Chromebook.

Identity Verification

Before you can start the exam, an Identity Verification is completed in two steps: Face photo and Photo-ID

1. Face photo takes a high-resolution photo of the student taking the exam. The image is used to match against the student profile in the proctoring view.


2. Photo-ID takes a high-resolution photo of the students photo-ID or passport



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