Activation of student accounts


In connection with the update of the account manager role, new student accounts need to be activated in certain cases. If students try to start an exam without having an account or an activated account, these messages are displayed in the client. Below we explain the different situations:

  • Existing student accounts that continue in the same school/university are not affected by these changes.

  • Schools/organisations that have an integrated, automatic generation of new student accounts, e.g. via an LMS, are not affected by these changes.

  • New student accounts, ie. an email address that does not have a DigiExam account does not need to be activated. They receive an email where they're asked to create a password (Set password, figure 1) to be able to log in via the web and see their exams, results and feedback.

  • Students who already have an account with DigiExam, but will be registered with an email under a new organization, receive an email with instructions to activate their account. By clicking on Activate my account (figure 2), they give their permission to the school/university to process their data and they will then be able to take exams with the new organization. This must be done before the first exam, otherwise the student will not be able start the exam online.


Figure 1


Activate.pngFigure 2



Message in the client

Students see a pop-up message in the client when trying to start an exam if they do not have an active account.

  • No student account found (figure 3)
  • Student account not activated yet (figure 4)

Client_-_No_student_account.pngFigur 3


Client_-_Not_yet_activated.pngFigure 4


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