Equipment check (webcam and microphone)

An external tool for student monitoring during an exam can be allowed during device lockdown. Meeting links (e.g. Google Meet, Teams and Zoom) can be accessed and joined by a student in the Digiexam client.




Start external tool before the exam

If you're required to use an external tool in the exam, the external tool can be accessed before starting the exam. click on the external tool, in this case Google Meet (figure 1)

Figure 1


Equipment check - Successful

When you enter a meeting link in the Digiexam client, you need to allow Digiexam to access your webcam and microphone. Before you start your exam, Digiexam conducts an equipment check. 


Figure 2


Equipment check - Failed

You need to allow Digiexam to access Webcam and Microphone  on your device. If the Equipment check fails, you need to grant access on your device.


Allow access - Mac

To allow access on your Mac, perform the following steps:
 >
System preferences (figure 4) >
Security & Privacy (figure 5) >
Camera/Microphone/Screen recording (figure 6) >
Allow Digiexam to use Camera, Microphone and Screen recording (figure 6)
Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6



Allow access - Windows

Windows (figure 7) >
System settings >
Privacy settings (figure 8) >
Allow desktop apps to use Camera, Microphone and Screen recording (figure 9).
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9
Update the settings to the correct ones in your system settings and proceed according to the instructions in the exam.

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