External exam tools - Microsoft Teams

It's crucial that an Account manager at the school verifies the external tool and ensures that it works in the school's IT environment.

Microsoft Teams can be added as an External tool where only the actual meeting link is used during an exam.  The teacher can then monitor the students taking the exam.


Add a new external tool and name it "Teams Monitoring" which is what the external tool will allow, no other parts of Teams will be available for students in the exam.


When the Account Manager adds the external tool, Landing page URL is left blank.


Teachers need to be able to set/edit the landing page URL, e.g. pasting the meeting link used for the exam.


In the list of allowed URL's, only is allowed as a whole domain.
In that way, students' will join the meeting link as guests and can't access any other parts of the Teams platform.


If students can't access a meeting link as guests, the domain login page can be added in the Landing page URL. 

To allow re-directs during student log in to their account, you can whitelist the domains used by your students in Allowlists like:

Students will only access the meeting link in the exam, even if additional URL's are added in Allowlists.


Set Equipment check to be used since the external tool is created for student monitoring in the exam. 



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