Google Meet and remote exams

NOTE! At present, Google's services such as Meet, Translate, etc. work only on Chromebooks.




Teacher information

Account Manager information



External tools allow the possibility to use other web applications in the Digiexam client. For example, it can be used to allow student monitoring during an exam with device lockdown, by using an online meeting link in Google Meet.

An Account Manager at the school or organization can create an external tool which in this article is named "Google Meet", it allows teachers to use a meeting link for student monitoring during the exam.

Note! External tools can only be created by an Account Manager. Once created, it can be activated by a teacher in an exam and used by students in the Digiexam client. 

External tools are supported on Windows/Win10S, MacOS and Chromebooks.



Teacher information

The teacher allows the external tool "Google Meet" in the exam settings.



The teacher chooses the external tool "Google Meet" by clicking On and then the icon to set the online meeting link used for the exam.




The online meeting link is pasted in the box "Landing page URL". The Landing page URL is the actual meeting link used by students to access and join the meeting. 

Note that the meeting link used should have the following format:

Click Save changes.



Continue editing the exam and save it to the exam library. The exam can then be activated through the normal procedures and the external tool can be used by students in the exam.  

Suggested procedure for remote exams with student monitoring:

1. The teacher allows the external tool "Google Meet" to be used in an exam and paste the meeting link that's going to be used. 

2. The teacher activates the exam by scheduling a start in the exam library to generate an examID or a group exam. All scheduled exams can be visible for students in the Digiexam client and students can access the external tool prior to starting the exam. In other words, students can use the external tool but can't start the exam until it's scheduled to start or the teacher click Start exam in the exam monitoring view.

3. On activated, the exam can be communicated to the students as an exam with an examID or a group exam. Students' can start the external tool meeting in the Digiexam client. 


The student can find the exam and start the external tool in the Digiexam client



The student starts the online meeting 


 When the student clicks on the external tool icon or closes the window, the external tool meeting is running in the background.


Close the external tool window


4. The teacher can await the scheduled exam to start or start the exam in the exam monitoring view. The exam can then be started by the students.


Start the exam with the external tool running in the background


5. When the exam is started, the external tool icon is visible in the top left corner and can be accessed by the student if needed. The external tool meeting is running in the background, and the student takes the exam in the Digiexam client.



Equipment check

When students start an exam with a meeting link in the Digiexam client, they need to allow Digiexam to access the webcam and microphone. Before students start an exam with an external tool that needs access to a webcam and microphone, Digiexam conducts an equipment check. 


If the equipment check fails, there's a link to guide for resolving the issue on the student's device



Account Manager information

Google Meet can be added as an External tool and the meeting link can be used for student monitoring during an exam.  The teacher can monitor the students taking the exam in the Digiexam client.

When the Account Manager adds the external tool, Landing page URL can be left blank if that's supported in the school or organization. This would allow students to enter as guests in the meeting.

If students can't access a meeting link as guests, the domain login page for students can be added in the Landing page URL

For example by adding

If supported, in the list of allowed URL's, only is allowed as a whole domain.

Teachers need to be able to set/edit the landing page URL, e.g. pasting the meeting link used for the exam.




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