Remote exams - Zoom


External tools allow the possibility to use other web-applications in the Digiexam client. For example, it can be used to allow student monitoring during an exam with device lockdown, by using an online meeting link in Zoom

The students can join the Zoom meeting link in the DigIexam client and then take the exam according to the normal routines/procedures decided by the school.



Take an exam with a Zoom meeting link

Start the Digiexam client as you normally would and go to the exam provided by your teacher. 

If the exam contains one or more external tools they're listed with the exam information. 

Start the exam according to the routine/procedure decided by your teacher.




Join the Zoom meeting in the DigIexam client by clicking the icon and Launch Meeting. Note that the option Join from Your Browser is used. 



After joining the meeting, hide/minimize the meeting and allow it to run in the background by clicking the X.



According to the instruction given by your teacher, start the exam with the Zoom meeting running in the background. 



After starting the exam, the external tool icon is visible in the top left corner. By clicking the icon you can access the external tool if needed. 



Equipment check

When students start an exam with a meeting link in the Digiexam client, they need to allow Digiexam to access the webcam and microphone. Before students start an exam with an external tool that needs access to webcam and microphone, Digiexam conducts an equipment check. 


If the equipment check fails, there's a link to guide for resolving the issue on the student's device




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