External Exam Tool - PDF Reader

To add the external tool for a PDF Reader on the school/organization, go to Create external tool, select an icon and name the tool "PDF Reader"

When the Account Manager adds the external tool "PDF Reader", the Landing page URL can be left blank if you're using a general site/resource for your PDF documents, for example, Google Drive or Onedrive.


Teachers need to edit the landing page URL since it's a specific URL students' needs access to in the exam. 


In Allow partial access to domains, you add the URL for the source of your PDF documents. Students will only be able to access the attached PDF in the exam.


NOTE! PDF documents used in an exam should be able to be accessed by anyone with the link. If the PDF document used can be accessed/viewed with anyone with the link, no additional login is required by the student in the Digiexam client.


When the external tool used isn't intended to access the students' camera or microphone, the student equipment checks can be Off.

Click "Save PDF reader" to add the external tool


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