Locked question sequence (MEQ)


When you log in to an exam, you could get information that this is a locked question sequence exam or MEQ.




This means that when you have answered a question and press Next question, you will not be able to get back to the question and change your answer.

You also see that this is a locked question on the padlock icon on the Next question button.




When you press the Next question button a pop up window will appear asking if you are sure that you want to answer the next question.




If you press Cancel, you can correct your answer on this question and then again press Next question. If you press Go to next question, the question will be locked, and you can not go back and change the answer at a later time.



In the left menu of the Exam information, you will see that you have answered the first two questions and that you are now at the third question. You cannot click on the previously answered question and change your answer.


When the last question has been answered, you can now only choose to Hand in your answers and close the application.




You will be able to change your answer in the last question before handing in your answers. If you choose Cancel, you can change your answer or choose to Hand in.





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