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If you are going to monitor an exam but don't have any account in Digiexam then you can still get the opportunity for this. The invitations is sent to you by a teacher or administrator who started or scheduled an exam.

It it's the first time you are going to monitor an exam at the school you will receive two emails. The first email contains a link where you must accept the role of Invigilator. The second email contains a link directly to the exam you are going to monitor. You will not access anything else on the school's account but can only monitor the exam you have been invited to.

When you click on Open Digiexam in the email you will open the start page of Digiexam.


Here you will see the name of the exam, when the exam has started or date and time if the exam has been scheduled. You also see who invited you, the exam ID or Group ID. To be able to come to the overview page of the exam you click on Monitor.

Exam ID means that the students need to search for that ID in the Digiexam application to find and start the exam.

Group ID means that the students in the specific group are the only ones that can find and write in the exam.

 Monitor view



Now you have come to the monitoring view of the exam. Here you can see which students have started to write in the exam, settings for the specific exam, how long the exam has passed and what status the students have.

To see the specific settings made for the exam, click Show after Settings selected for this exam.




But the most important thing for you as an Invigilator is the view under Student Information.




First name, Last name and E-mail: Here you see the name and e-mail address of the student. It is the criteria that the student specified when they logged in to the Digiexam application to be able to write in the exam.

Student Code: The students unique code that they specified when they logged in or was added if the exam was started via Group ID.

Started: Time for when the student started to write in the exam.

Latest data received: The time off when the latest update from the students application was made to Digiexam's servers.

Handed in: What time the student handed in their answers.

Lockstatus: Locked means that the student has started writing the exam and means that they cannot leave Digiexam application without submitting their answers.

Student status: Here you see the status of the student. If it says Online, it means that they still write in the exam and have internet connection. It may happen that students loose internet connection during an exam and get the status Offline. The whole row then turns yellow so that you can more easily discover this. They can still write in the exam without any problems. If they do not get back to internet connection during the test, they will have to submit their answers via USB drive. You will then need to go to the students computer and insert a USB drive when they are finished with the exam and their answers will be saved automatically on the USB drive. Handed in means that the student has submitted their answers without any problems and can then shut down the Digiexam application.

Icon for Padlock: If the student need to leave the room for some reason, restart the computer etc. they first hand in their answers and when they come back they log in with the same criteria as before and search for the exam. You then click on the Padlock icon after the students name and the student's previous answers will be uploaded and they can continue to write.

Unlock all: If you need to pause the whole exam for some reason, you ask the students to hand in their answers. When you should continue writing in the exam, you press the icon Unlock all and the students can log in with the same criteria and continue writing in the exam.


End exam or pause an exam

When the exam is over and all the students have submitted their answers, click on End exam at the bottom right of the monitoring view. The exam then ends completely and no students can continue to write in the exam. You will also lose access to the exam after you have ended the exam.

If you need to stop the exam, for some reason, ask the students too hand in their answers. When you will continue with the exam, click on Unlock all for the students. They can then log in again with the same criteria, search for the exam and their answers will be uploaded so that they can continue to write again.


Note that you may not have all the accesses during the exam. The teacher or administrator who created the exam chooses what access you should have.


Offline file

Offline files make it possible to start, write and submit answers completely without internet connection. Offline files are used as back-up and in cases where the student cannot connect. The two ways in which the offline file is used are described below.

  • Offline file containing the exam - Teachers can download an exam as an offline file by clicking the "Download offline file" button in live view.  This offline file can be saved on a USB-device which can then be used to start exams for students without an internet connection or to unlock started exams.  The file that is downloaded on the USB drive will be encrypted for security purposes.  It can only be opened using the Digiexam client.
  • Offline answer file - After a student has completed an exam, an offline answer file can be saved to a USB-device from the Digiexam client if there is no internet connection.  The offline answer file can then be uploaded onto the web application so that the answers that were handed in offline are added to the exam.

 Note that you may not have all the accesses during the exam. The teacher or administrator who created the exam chooses what access you should have.



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