Client authentication - Aug 23, 2021

There's a new version of the Digiexam client coming. We're preparing for a release in the second half of August.  


As communicated earlier this year, the new version of the Digiexam client will have one major update: log in with an email address and password and it will also include the possibility to launch the client from the student account on the web application.



What's about to be changed?

  • This will replace the current login screen for students’ using iPad, Mac and Windows.
  • It will be possible to log in to the Digiexam client via the web application without filling in any credentials. This is done by logging in to the web application and clicking the Open Digiexam app.



  • For organizations running Digiexam as a stand-alone application and where students don’t log in to the web application to launch the client, students are required to log in with their email address and password in Digiexam.



Note! No changes to the kiosk mode application for Chromebooks have been finalized yet. Therefore, Chromebook users will continue to use the current set-up and login screen


What does our school/organization need to know?

  • The same credentials used for the web application will be used in the Digiexam client to log in. 

  • If your students are using Digiexam as a stand-alone tool without any integration (LTI/SAML) and/or don’t know their password, the “Forgot password” button can be used either in the Digiexam client or in the web application to set a new password.

  • For all organizations using SSO with Digiexam (LTI/SAML), the new flow for these users is to log in to the web application first and then launch the Digiexam client with  “Open Digiexam app”. This is vital to know for all organizations using Single-Sign-On with Digiexam. Since users that have logged in only through the integration don’t have a password because the integration is owning the authentication in this case and not the user.




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