Digiexam Client - Update - Version 13.1.0

Released: October 13th 2021



  • "Remember me" on the client's login page and will remember a student's log-in session when they reopen the client at a later time


  • iPads now display an error code if they fail to lockdown
  • "Internet needed" dialogue when starting from offline USB file will now inform about external tools, if any
  • Demo exam can now be started from the login screen
  • Client version now appears on the login screen
  • Windows 7, 8, and macOS Yosemite to High Sierra now all will display a deprecation warning on start-up, warning the user we will soon stop supporting that version and to please upgrade.
  • Misc. improvements


  • Fixed outdated Privacy Policy links
  • Fixed misc. spelling mistakes
  • Misc. bug fixes
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