Internet Status Indicator - Jan 16, 2022

We’ve understood that many students do not realize when their internet connection is cut off. This creates a problem as they will not be able to hand in their exam. Handing in the exam file with our offline support is also not an option if a student is taking the exam remotely. Because of this, we have introduced the Internet Status Indicator. It's a small circle in the upper right corner of the student application and it lets students know the status of their connection.


The indicator can have three colors

🟢 Green - There are no connection issues.

🟡 Yellow - The connection is unstable.

🔴 Red - The internet connection has been lost.


The indicator will, of course, not remedy the issue of weak internet, but it allows students to act and fix the issue. Alternatively, if a support line is provided by your school, it will allow the student to reach out and let you know about the problem in time.

However, we also understand that this indicator may cause stress to some students, and because of this, we are working on making this functionality optional. Your school’s Account Manager will be given the option to toggle this.

That’s all, and thanks for making the world a better place with education!


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