Delete exams

This function is available for deleting old exams that no longer need to be saved/archived in Digiexam. Exam templates from the Exam Library and started exams in one of the tabs Graded, Ungraded or Published can be deleted from the Archive in the Exam Library.

  • Teachers can only delete their own exam templates and started exams
  • Administrators can delete all exam templates and started exams

Delete exams

  1. Make sure the exams you want to delete have been archived
  2. Click on Archive at the top right corner (figure 1)
  3. Find the exam to be deleted (tips for finding can be found here)
  4. Select one or more exams (figure 2)
  5. Click Delete selected
  6. A follow-up question pops up since it is not possible to restore the exam templates / started exams that are deleted. To confirm, click Yes, delete (figure 3)
  7. A receipt that the deletion has been done is displayed (figure 4)


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4

Find one or more exam

Searching for exam name, examID or group/class can easily be done via the web browser's Search function, with this shortcut:

  • Mac: CMD + F
  • Windows and other devices: Ctrl + F




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