The student text editor in the Digiexam application

The text editor for students in the Digiexam application is basically the same as the one teachers or exam administrators use when they create an exam.

Text questions allow students to answer with text, equations and a drawing tool. 


The basic functionality of typing answers is that only text produced by the student themselves can be copied and pasted using the standard keyboard shortcuts on the device.

Students can copy, paste and cut their own text answers.


An exam setting can allow students to copy-paste text from external sources into the text editor. 


*Allow copy-pasting of text in the exam

Turn on to allow students to copy-paste text into their answers. In lockdown mode, only text from within the exam (Public exam description, Questions and allowed web links) is possible to use.



Features in the text editor


Fullscreen - offers the possibility to hide questions and only show the text editor.



Spell check - manual spell check is available for students if the exam settings allow it. Misspelt words are indicated and the student can right-click on the word to choose the correct spelling from a list of alternatives.



Equation editor -students can answer with equations and mathematical text, either in line with other text or as a separate calculation.




Drawing tool - students can add one or more drawings as an attachment to a written response. 



Functionality in the drawing tool


Icon Description

Screenshot_2022-11-22_at_15.40.42.png  Select

Screenshot_2022-11-22_at_15.42.14.png  Draw by hand

1.png  Line

2.png  Arrow

3.png  Geometrical shapes

4.png  Add text

5.png  Fill 

6.png  Colour

7.png  Line weight

9.png  Remove/erase

10.png  Clear/Delete 

11.png  Add grid (Note! Not visible in the grading view)

12.png  Undo

13.png  Redo

14.png  Save


The text editor is built on Froala and the equation editor on Mathquill

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