The text editor can behave buggy when the spell checker is on


It has been reported that the text editor can behave buggy when the spell checker is on. These cases have been reported:

  • Line breaks are not done correctly
  • Font and size change
  • Italic style getting stuck


First and foremost, please make sure that you're on the latest Digiexam version for your device (see this table). 


We have seen that in some cases a hard restart of the device helps, that is, holding down the power button on the device until the device turns off completely (about 10 seconds). The teacher then unlocks the test for the student in the monitoring view or with a USB memory stick so that the student can continue with the exam (guide on unlocking). Currently, there are no other ways to avoid the bug, on devices where this occurs, other than turning off the spell checker.


Who is affected?

Students. Some devices.



We have released several bug fixes for these issues that have resolved the issue for the vast majority, but it still persists for some students. We are working on a solution and hope to be able to release a fix that fixes this problem as soon as possible, however, it is very challenging as we have, at the moment, not found a common thread, as it seems to be happening for individual students and on different devices, OS versions and settings. We keep this article updated.

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