[Chromebook] Offline start and submit shows blank file manager


On Chromebooks, the file manager becomes blank on some devices when starting or handing in with a USB stick. For starting an exam, this means that the file cannot be found and thus cannot be started offline. For handing in, this means that it is not possible to select the USB stick to save the offline answer file.


The answers are saved and to get the student's answer the following steps need to be done on the same device as the student completed the test/exam:

  1. The student must finish Digiexam through a hard reboot, i.e. hold down the power button until the device restarts completely (the answers will not disappear).
  2. The teacher unlocks the test/exam for the student in the monitor view (follow this guide).
  3. The student starts the test again on the same unit with exactly the same information (E-mail address and student code) and on the same unit as the first time the test was started (this information is visible in the Monitoring View if the student is not sure which data was used).
  4. The student can now continue to write the test or click on Hand in. 


Who is affected?

Students with Chromebook computers.



We are working to reproduce this, to be able to resolve and release an update that fixes this issue.

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