Upcoming platform improvements 2023

This year we celebrate 10 years with live customers and at the same time we celebrate having over 12 million exams completed in Digiexam. With a decade of experience in the digital exam business, it is time to future-proof the platform for all of our 900+ customers.

Today the development of new technologies moves at an even faster pace, and we will continue to be the innovative solution supporting digital transformation in education. To even better meet your needs, we are now re-building our platform and updating us with more modern technology. 

As per below, we would like to give you an update on what we do, when we do it, and also what news you can look forward to. 


Step I - New and improved Digiexam-app for students

We have already started working on the Digiexam app for students, which is a work that will continue until the summer of 2023 and with a planned release during fall 2023.

Based on the feedback from the product experts, our users, we are highlighting the most important updates and what directly impacts the students below. 

  • New question types, for example, “draw on image”.
  • An updated user-friendly interface for students, for example, split screen functionality.
  • Improved functionality for distance or remote exams.
  • New Chromebook app that doesn’t require kiosk mode for lockdown of devices and that has support for non-managed devices (private Chromebooks). This also includes support for SSO on Chromebooks.

Step II - New and improved web application for teachers and administrators

After the summer we will start working on updating the web application. In this project, we are planning to implement several improvements to existing functionality, ease of use and also add a number of new features. A launch of the new web application is planned for December 2023.

With the objective of having content, shape and functionality customized and optimized for the needs of our customers, we will invite you to participate in this development. If you are interested in participating and taking the platform to new levels, please reach out to us at


Step III - New GDPR setup 

As the final elements fall into place our last step in the process will be to enable our new platform for an entirely new GDPR setup. The release of this update is planned for Q1 2024.

The update allows you multiple options for how your data can be processed and stored based on your preferences and requirements. Listed below are the available alternatives:

  • Through a U.S.-owned European cloud service within the EU (Google Cloud with SCC as of today) but with strengthened encryption management and security for encryption keys.
  • Through a European cloud service within the EU.
  • Through a Swedish cloud service within Sweden.
  • Within your own local infrastructure.

We have observed that more and more of our customers are reviewing their current agreements with service providers due to how the Cloud Act and the new Privacy Shield are being interpreted. Our own Data Protection Officer has assessed that reason exists to strengthen and update GDPR strategies, and with the update described above we will be cloud-agnostic as well as having a unique offering within our niche.

More details and information about product releases will be communicated during the spring. We would love to schedule a meeting with you in the near future in order to tell you more.



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