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If you are using Blackbaud as your organization's learning environment it may be of interest to configure an LTI between Digiexam and Blackbaud to allow for a more streamlined assignment, quiz and exam process.

The LTI between Digiexam and Blackbaud allows for the provisioning of Digiexam accounts directly from the learning management system, and allows you to link Digiexam assignments, quizzes and tests directly into your Blackbaud courses. Students will then be able to start up their Digiexam app logged in directly through the integration and begin working without additional exam IDs.



This guide will demonstrate, step-by-step, how to configure the LTI between Digiexam and Blackbaud. It is important to note that only system administrators of Blackbaud and Digiexam users with account manager permissions will be able to configure this LTI. Contact your system administrator for your organization if you wish to build an LTI between Digiexam and Blackbaud.

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Step 1:

Change the portal to Core in the upper left of your Blackbaud environment.

Figure 1

Step 2:

Select "Settings" and choose "Integration Settings"

Figure 2


Step 3:

Go to Learning Tools from within your integration settings.

Figure 3



Step 4:

Add Digiexam as a provider.

Figure 4


Step 5:

Enable an LTI within your Digiexam environment.

Be sure to login to Digiexam as account manager. Navigate to the "organization" section of your  Digiexam environment and choose "Enable LTI integration."

Figure 5

Copy the values in Digiexam for: OAuth Consumer Key, OAuth Secret Key and XML URL and paste them in the Blackbaud form as shown in figure 4. Click on the Submit button in the canvas form.


Step 6:

Verify the possibility to add an assignment from Digiexam.

Make sure the fields marked below are filled out:

Figure 7

Once saved, find the assignment in the list and click the title. You might need to adjust the filters or search by keyword to locate:


Figure 8

You should then see a link to launch Digiexam on the assignment page.

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