Using Spell Check in Digiexam

Digiexam has many accessibility functions. A common accessibility function is the built in spell check that exists. If you are allowed access to spell check during your assignments in Digiexam then misspelled words in your keyboard language setting will be marked as incorrect. Spell check is only allowed if your teacher or student health administrator has activated this for you.

This guide will demonstrate how you activate and use spell check within the Digiexam app.

Activating Spell Check

When working on an assignment, quiz or exam in Digiexam the option to check your spelling is available in situations where your teacher or administrator has allowed this accessibility option.

When writing a response in an essay question you will see the option to activate spell check in the lower left corner of the text box on your screen.


To activate this option you should choose the keyboard language option for the language you are writing in.

Please read more about changing and installing keyboard and language settings for your device in the event that your spell checker only displays a limited number of available options.

Using Spell Check

Once spell check is activated it will begin checking the text in your response. Misspelled words will be underlined in red.


Right click on a misspelled word if you would like to replace it. A list of correctly spelled suggestions will be displayed. Choose the word that best applies.


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